Impact Minnesota

Let's Make an Impact

Our Mission

Impact Minnesota's mission is to provide the highest quality consulting services in order to help nonprofit, for-profit and public organizations make a meaningful impact on the people and communities around us. 

Why Impact Minnesota

In order to provide the most effective and valuable services, Impact Minnesota works with only a limited number of clients at any given time. Our services are tailored to meet each organization's unique needs and are only proposed when we're certain they will increase returns and elevate the effectiveness of each business or organization. 

Linda Holliday, Principal Consultant, prides herself on building authentic connections, mutual trust and measurable goals  with every one of her clients. While she is always excited to hear about new opportunities, she will never take on a new project if she doesn't believe she can add tremendous value.  

Let's hear what some her client partners have to say...  

Take It From Our Clients...

Linda is a skilled grantwriter, facilitator and strategic planner, with vast experience in program development and evaluation. We have worked together for nearly twenty years and I would recommend her to any client!

Don Hickman, 

Vice President 

Initiative Foundation 

Impact Minnesota was extremely helpful during the development phase of organizing our non-profit. Linda brings a diverse background to her work and is able to share her knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas from board development and 501c3 requirements to strategic planning and project management. I highly recommend Impact Minnesota to foster capacity building for any organization!

Becky Twamley RPh, MPS

Executive Director

Advocates for Reproductive Education (WeARE)